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The RFxpert RFX2 is the only real-time, compact, bench-top antenna measurement equipment. In less than a second, unique array of automatically switched probes calculates accurate far-field (FF) patterns and radiated power levels based on very-near-field (NF) measurements. Immediate access to FF data saves time and cost by reducing reliance upon time consuming and costly anechoic chambers. Unique NF data provides insight into the root cause of problems.
Featured Products
HDO9000 / HDO9000-MS High
Definition Oscilloscopes
The HDO9000 with HD1024 Technology provides exceptional signal fidelity with 10-bit resolution, 4 GHz bandwidth and a superior oscilloscope experience to deliver faster time to insight. 
Featured Products
The EMxpert ERX+ is a real-time, compact, bench-top EMC/EMI diagnostic tool enabling designers to rapidly diagnose & solve EMC/EMI problems in a single design cycle. Gain insights about why designs fail something no chamber can give you. No more waiting for chamber time to redesign & test by trial & error. The EMxpert rapidly diagnoses even intermittent problems, which may go undetected when using handheld and automated probes.
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