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inTEST Thermal Solutions

41 Hampden Road
Mansfield, MA 02048
Phone: (781) 688-2300
Products: Semiconductor  •  Thermal Solutions

With decades of product development, manufacturing and delivering over 100,000 controlled heating and cooling systems, inTEST can address your specific requirements: Wide temperature range (-185°C to +500°C),Fast transitions (up to 50°C/sec),Cryogenic, compressor-based, solid-state cooling, Temperature forcing, air & liquid environments, Small foot print, Custom access, Precise temperatures, High uniformity, Extreme reliability.

Thermal systems such as ThermoStreams®, thermal chambers, thermal platforms, and gas and liquid chillers provide end users and OEMs with highly reliable solutions. A worldwide network of local service providers and regional service centers ensure support that customers rely upon.

Combining the design and manufacturing operations of custom and standard products businesses, they provide the perfect blend of capabilities: Ultra-low temperature refrigeration, Controls engineering, Package design, Flexible manufacturing.