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Oscilloscopes    11 GHz - 100 GHz

Teledyne LeCroy
45 GHz Real-Time Bandwidth Teledyne LeCroy has again broken bandwidth barriers by utilizing widely adopted and proven SiGe processes, custom 2nd generation ASIC designs, and 6th...  read more >>
Teledyne Lecroy
The Ultimate in High Bandwidth Performance Up to 100 GHz Up to 80 Channels @ 36 GHz Up to 240 GS/s Up to 1536 Mpts/Ch 50 fs rms Sample Clock (Intrinsic) Jitter Jitter Between All Channels of...  read more >>
Teledyne LeCroy
The Ultimate in Performance Up to 45 GHz Up to 80 Channels @ 20 GHz Up to 120 GS/s Up to 768 Mpts/Ch LabMaster 9 Zi-A modular oscilloscope syst...  read more >>