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Current Promotions

Current Promotions

Contact us today for more information on these current promotions from our manufacturers:


Ametek logo   Ametek Programmable Power     Demos for Sale

  Ametek Programmable Power     Demos for Sale


Testech will work with the Ametek factory to find a refurbished demo unit to sell.  Not all Series and/or configurations are available, but the list is updated often.  Contact us today to see if we have what you’re looking for.  Demos units are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be sold with a fresh calibration and factory warranty.

AR logo   Amplifier Research     Bargain Corner

AR publishes a monthly list of bargains available on their website. Bargain corner equipment includes trade-ins, demos, loaners, discontinued models, and some new equipment. Warranties are still included with most models. Let us know what you need and we’ll see if there is a bargain that can meet your needs!


Teledyne LeCroy Logo   Teledyne LeCroy     Quarterly Promotions

LeCroy publishes a quarterly promotions flyer, showing available refurbished units and bundle pricing deals.  Contact us today for the most recent flyer and to see if the system you want is featured!

Yokogawa Logo   Yokogawa Corporation     Discounted Products

Yokogawa is now offering pre-owned equipment for sale with discounts.  These are returns or trade-ins that function properly and have been evaluated by their Service & Calibration facility.  Model numbers and quantities are limited and subject to availability.  


Yokogawa Corporation     Trade-In/Trade-Up Promotion

Yokogawa offers a Trade-In/Trade-Up program which outlines the perfect stepping stone to help get you away from your old unit and into the next generation of products.

Trade in an old Yokogawa product of similar measurement type and level and receive 10-20% discount off a new unit.  Example: DL708 or DL750 for DL850E purchase, 2533 or WT1600 for WT1800 purchase.  Value is based on the working condition of the unit.  You can also trade in a competitor's product for a 10% discount!