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Timing & Frequency

Brandywine Time Displays: Digital and Analog Clocks with GPS
Product Overview

Brandywine provides all different sizes and shapes of precise Time Displays - both digital and analog clocks to fit your needs with options such as IRIG-B, GPS or NTP synchronization. Brandywine's time displays also have optional date message and have sizes ranging from 6 inches up to 8 feet in size. Brandywine just upgraded all of their time displays with SNMP management for easy maintenance and use. Brandywine specializes in customizing your clock to fit your specific need. Our time displays are maintenance free and are used in many different places all over the world including hospitals, schools, train stations, and airports.


Brandywine won the bid to upgrade all the displays and clocks within the New York Terminal Precinct

Brandywine won the contract to upgrade the mechanism in theNew York Grand Central StationClock and also put in all new time displays throughout the Terminal and provide the GPS master clock for everything to synchronize. Brandywine has also updated the mechanism forSacramento City hall tower clockand has created large clocks for malls, schools, and fire stations.

Brandywine carries an extensive line of time displays and clocks that are synchronized over an Ethernet network using the NTP protocol. These digital clocks are simple to install and use and are very accurate for critical timing needs such as hospitals and airports. Advanced technology time displays eliminate the need for expensive coaxial cable installations; a network drop and power source are all that are required. Using the browser interface simply enter the IP address of the time source, one of the Brandywine Network Time Servers, or any other source of NTP time and you are ready to go. Brandywine's time displays have a full comprehensive selections whether you need large digital display clocks, clocks in a large variety of colors, to display configurations and digit sizes are available. Many of our clocks include GPS synchronization for higher accuracy. We also will customize your clock to fit your specific needs.

Brandywine Communications offers a comprehensive line of Time and Message displays. Various form factors such as desk mount, rack mount or wall/ceiling mount are available. Most are available with IRIG, GPS, NTP or impulse synchronization. Digit sizes from .55 inches to 20 inches are available. These advanced display products offer the utmost in reliability, viewing and ease of installation. One or more of the following input synchronization sources can be specified:

  • GPS
  • MSF
  • DCF
  • Impulse

Applications for Brandywine's time and message displays include Instrumentation systems, security systems, range control rooms, computer/ communication centers, power utility centers, hospitals, schools, train stations, and anywhere needing accurate clocks that have the ability to synchronize to either a system or a network of clocks.

One of Brandywine's customers is the New York City Transit where Brandywine designed a master clock for the grand central station 4 faced clock, replacing all the time displays, and creating a system to run through all the train stations. To read more details, please go to our NYCT case study.

Brandywine Classics, a division of Brandywine Communications, designs and builds striking, accurate and reliable analog and digital clocks for all your needs. We also upgrade existing analog clocks to improve functionality and reliability. Brandywine Classics has a full range of digital and analog clocks and can also create any custom design clock up to 8 feet in diameter.

Specifications & Detail

Please contact your sales manager regarding the specific display or clock you are looking for and they will provide the specifications.

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