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Timing & Frequency

Brandywine PC104-Plus Syncclock 32
Product Overview
  • IRIG's A and B and NASA 36 time code inputs
  • +3.3V or +5V signaling
  • 1PPS Sync input
  • External Event (Time Tag) input
  • Three programmable pulse rate outputs
  • Match Time output
  • Industrial Temperature Range option
  • Optional on-board GPS option
  • Optional HaveQuick input/output
  • Optional IRIG B time code output


This is an advanced version of the PC104 SG module that conforms to PC/104Plus 2.0, and has many of the standard features you expect from Brandywine's bus level timing products including IRIG A, IRIG B and NASA 36 Time Code inputs as well as an extensive library of extra options to customize to fit your need.

Specifications & Detail

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