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Brandywine OSA-5581C - GPS Synchronized Receiver and Distribution Unit
Product Overview

Brandywine's OSA-5581C GPS is a GPS synchronization receiver and distribution unit specifically designed to eliminate bit errors and slow transmission rates. Flexible, modular, and a fully redundant synchronization solution, the OSA-5581C is for fixed (SDH/ SONET) and mobile (TDMA, CDMA, GSM, 3rd generation) telecom network applications. All critical parts in the OSA-5581C, including the GPS input & holdover unit, can be duplicated to ensure high availability.


The OSA-5581C can also be configured with only one GPS input and holdover module for extremely low cost applications; upgrading to a fully redundant dual channel solution at a later stage is made possible by simply inserting the necessary modules into their slots. Up to 48 protected outputs.

Specifications & Detail

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