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Brandywine OSA-5240 Compact, Flexible, Manageable Synchronization Solution for Mobile and SDH/SONET Networks
Product Overview

The OSA 5240 GPS Node Clock is specifically designed for the synchronization of 2G, 2.5G and 3G mobile networks and SDH/SONET transport networks. DAB and DVB-T broadcasting networks and mobile location services such as E911 can also take advantage of this compact and economical synchronization solution that provides advanced features at a fraction of the cost of other currently available solutions.


The OSA 5240 GPS is versatile: besides supplying GPS-based frequency references, it can also retime E1/DS1 traffic channels whose timing has been impaired by SDH/SONET pointer adjustments; moreover, the OSA 5240 GPS can optionally provide NTP/IRIG-B time distribution. It is therefore possible to supply frequency outputs, retiming and time distribution information without having to install separate boxes, each with its GPS antenna, cabling, management connection, etc.

The OSA 5240 GPS is reliable. In case of loss of the GPS signal, the system can lock onto its auxiliary input and still provide PRC traceable synchronisation outputs.


  • Synchronisation of cellular networks at BSC or MSC level
  • Re-timing of traffic signals affected by SDH/SONET pointer adjustments
  • Time and frequency reference for power utilities and public services
  • Synchronisation of DVB-T transmitters in SFN (Single Frequency Networks)
  • UTC-traceable call billing thanks to NTP (or IRIG-B) time reference

Specifications & Detail

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