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Timing & Frequency

Brandywine NTP8 - Network Time Server with IRIG B or GPS synchronization inputs
Product Overview

This NTP server is a great solution to your network timing needs and is affordable and has quick delivery so contact your sales manager now for more information.


Brandywine’s NTP8 is a Network Time Server that provides a high performance means of accurate time distribution over a Local Area Network (LAN) using Network Time Protocol (NTP). The NTP8 time server can be synchronized by using either GPS or IRIG B inputs. The NTP8 provides a highly economic solution for a Stratum 1 Network Time Server. The NTP8 Time Server will provide your system accuracy to better than 1 millisecond.

Specifications & Detail

Temperature 0 to + 40°C
Humidity Up to 95% RH (non-condensing)
EMC CE compliant
GPS Receiver
Time Accuracy +/- 2 microseconds from UTC (with adequate satellite visibility)
Antenna Active Antenna + 100ft cable included
Serial Port
Suitable for Driving LEDI series remote displays
Available from either GPS engine or internal timing chain
Connector BNC
Level TTL, positive-going on time
Size 19" W x 1.73" (1U) H x 305mm D
Weight 8lb typical
Power 85-264 Vac 47-63 Hz

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