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Timing & Frequency

Brandywine NFS-220 Plus - GPS Time & Frequency Standard
Product Overview

The NFS-220 has been used in many applications all over the world including being used in Satellite ground stations and test ranges.


The NFS-220 plus is a low cost precision GPS time and frequency standard with a large display that reads time and date. This unit can be used for WI-FI, Wi-Max, satellite communications, telecommunications, and military communications. This frequency standard is the newest of Brandywine's GPS Synchronizing clocks and utilizes a high performance 16 channel receiver with automatic position-averaging that enables the best use of GPS when operating in a fixed location. The NFS220 plus includes 4 low phase noise 10MHz outputs, 4 1PPS outputs with individual 600PS propagation delay compensation, IRIG, Have Quick, and NTP outputs.

Specifications & Detail

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