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Brandywine IDC-100 Network Time Device
Product Overview

Brandywine Communications IDC-100 Network Time Device is commercial unit that provides a convenient and flexible means of accurately time synchronizing computers, time displays, PBXs, and a wide variety of other equipment using IRIG B as a reference such as airports and railways stations where GPS is not available.


The IDC-100 is a small, rack mounted Network Time Server that uses modulated IRIG B as an input reference to accurately synchronize its internal clock. The IDC then provides accurate time to clients on the network using the industry standard Network Time Protocol (NTP

Management of the IDC internals is by means of a built-in web browser interface or RS-232. This password protected web page allows the user to set up the text string required for the equipment to be synchronized. Time zone offsets and daylight savings setup are also accessed through the same web page.

Brandywine Communications also offers a complete line of time displays that are synchronized by NTP over a network connection.

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