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Timing & Frequency

Brandywine GPSDO - GPS Disciplined Oscillator Module
Product Overview

The GPS Disciplined Oscillator Module is a small Commercial –Off-the-Shelf (COTS) GPSDO that has been designed to meet military requirements such as MIL-STD-188-164A. At only 4.1” x 2.75” x 1” (104.0 x 70.0 x 26.0 mm) in size, the unit provides Stratum 1 performance. The GPSDO supplies three isolated, low noise precision10 MHz frequency reference signal outputs. These outputs are accurate to 1x10-12 when slaved to a timing supply from an internal GPS tracking receiver.


The frequency standard is also able to slave to an external 1PPS signal to steer and hold the internal oscillator and clock system precisely in time. Time and frequency information maintains its high accuracy with the internal oscillator even when no satellites can be tracked. A serial data port is provided to report time, date, position, and GPS satellite health and signal strength. The GPSDO module also has dual power supply inputs and can operate off either supply input. Optional capabilities include automatic interface to an external military GPS receiver such as the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), Ethernet Interface for NTP time service and SNMP status monitoring. Standard frequency output is 10 MHZ, but other frequencies are possible.

Specifications & Detail

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