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Timing & Frequency

Brandywine FTSU-100 Time and Frequency Distribution and Transfer Switch
Product Overview
  • Frequency and time outputs
  • Low phase noise frequency output
  • 1PPS output
  • Hitless fequency switching


The FTSU-100 is a high performance signal distribution amplifier designed for use with the Brandywine model PTS Precision Time System. Available in 1U and 2U sizes, both versions have hitless switching and very low phase noise outputs.

Specifications & Detail

Frequency Inputs
Frequency 5 or 10 MHz, +/- 5PPM
Amplitude & Impedance 0.5-1Vrms. 1Vrms nominal, 50 Ohms
Isolation Transformer coupled
Number of Inputs 2, SMA connectors
Pulse Inputs Option
1PPS 2
Amplitude 1-6 Vpp
Input Impedance 5k Ohms, nominal
Number of Inputs 2
Connector type SMA
Fault Inputs
Number of Inputs 2
Signal Type TTL
Active Level Link selectable for active high or low
Action Forces on-line changeover when active
Reference Frequency Outputs
Frequency Same as input, 5MHz or 10MHz
Output Level +13 dBm, +/- 2dBm, short-circuit proof
Number of Outputs Up to eight
Connector TypeSMA
Stability, without input 3X10-9, 0 to +60C
Harmonic Distortion -30 dBc
Cross Talk -60 dBc
Spurious -80 dBc
Phase Noise See Table 1
Synthesizer Derived from osc locked to reference
Number of Outputs Up to five
Frequencies 5 MHz, 10 MHz or 64.8 MHz
Output CharacteristicsSame as for Reference Frequency
Number of Outputs Up to four. Link selectable between
Reference Frequency and Synthesizer
Output Characteristcs Same as for Reference Frequency
Time Code Out
Amplitude 2 +/- .25 Vpp into 50 Ohms
Protection Short-circuit proof
Number of outputs Up to eight
Connector SMA
Pulse Outputs
Number of outputs Five
Output level 0 V to +4.5, +/- .5V into 50 Ohms
Pulse width 20 microseconds
Protection Short-circuit proof
Connector SMA
Status Output (Alarm)
Type Dry relay form C contacts
Link options
Alarm function Summary of all input/output alarms

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