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EMC Pre-Compliance Testing

Product Overview
Real-time EMC and EMI diagnostic tool: Test ultra-high speed (> 2 GHz) PCBs in real-time on your lab-bench

EMC and signal integrity are major concerns in the design of ultra-high speed (>2 GHz) PCBs. EHX enables the design engineers to diagnose EMC/EMI problems between 150 kHz and 8 GHz.

Specifications & Detail

Key Features & Functions

  • 150 kHz - 4 GHz and 150 kHz - 8 GHz
  • 1,218 H-field probes
  • Spatial resolution: 7.5 mm
  • Scan area: L 31.6 cm x W 21.8 cm (L 12.44” x W 8.58”)
  • External spectrum analyzer required. Click here for the supported models
  • Visualize hotspots, current loops on intermittent problems in real-time
  • Get repeatable & reliable results that pinpoint the cause of a design failure
  • Address EMC & signal integrity concerns in the design of ultra-high speed (>2 GHz) PCBs

What’s Included:

  • EMSCAN’s patented scanner
  • RF SMA to type N coaxial cable
  • Micro-D control cable
  • USB Cable
  • SMB-BNC Trigger Cable
  • Surface wave absorber
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB drive with EMxpert SW

How To Acquire:

This EMSCAN product is sold through EMSCAN’s Authorized Sales Partners

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