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Power Monitoring & DAQ

Yokogawa MATLAB tool kit for DL Series (701991)
Product Overview
This MATLAB tool kit enables DL and SL series instruments to easily interface with MATLAB. The software can be used to transfer data from DL and SL series instruments to MATLAB via GP-IB, USB or Ethernet.
What's NEW!

MATLAB tool kit (Model: 701991) ver. 2.20 released.


When you install this software program, the MEX-Functions for WDF files are installed. The MEX-Functions for WDF files enables MATLAB-characteristic dialog-based programming. The followings are examples of using the MATLAB command window and the MEX-Functions for WDF files in m files.

Example of mexDLGetWave command usage:

Retrieves the measured data and plot them.
Example of mexDLSend command usage:

Sends a message to the device (DL). The device (DL) can be controlled remotely. Also, a data can be received from the device (DL) and imported into MATLAB.
Example of mexWdfScaleDataRead command usage:

Gets the specified channel and physical value block data from the specified WDF file.

The MATLAB tool kit supports the following models.

  • DLM2000 series
  • DLM4000 series
  • DL6000/DLM6000 series
  • DL850 series
  • SL1000


The mexDLControl command, which starts the DL control window, is not available on and after the Matlab tool kit (701991) version 2.00. Please use Xviewer or Xwirepuller free sotware instead.

The Xviewer and/or Xwirepuller cannot be used together with the MEX-Functions for DL control.

Specifications & Detail
Model: 701991
Supported OS: Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit/64 bit)
Supported MATLAB version: MATLAB R2011b or later
Supported DL (SL) models: DLM2000 series

DLM4000 series

DL6000/DLM6000 series

DL850 series


List of Functions (excerpt)

Command Function
Communication configuration related command




Establish connection to the selected DL

Close connection to the selected DL

Set timeout for communication

Set terminator for communication

Set the selected DL to Remote/Local
Status related command

Check whether or not the message is delivered

Return the number of the last error
Command Receive/Send from DL




Execute Device clear

Send message to DL

Reveive data from DL

Acquired waveform data from DL

Acquire history data from DL

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