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9250 Brown Deer Road
San Diego, CA 92121
Toll Free: (800) 733-5427
Phone: (858) 450-0085
Products: Power

AMETEK Electronic Products eBrochure

Ametek is a leading designer and manufacturer of programmable AC and DC power supplies. Ametek offers a full line of products ranging in power from 30 W to 30 kW in full, half and quarter rack packages. The high power density of programmable products makes them ideal for laboratory, ATE, R&D, product design, production test, and bulk power applications. Our products are built into, and provide power to, sensitive equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, telecom, laser, oil services and medical equipment.

AMERICAN RELIANCE Inc. (AMREL™ Corporation) has emerged as a leader in advanced technology to manufacture custom solutions, engineered to customers’ specific needs and priorities, for Programmable DC Electronic Loads and Power Supplies.