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Timing & Frequency

Brandywine Advanced FTSU-100D Frequency / Time Distribution Amplifier
Product Overview
  • Network Enabled Distribution Amplifier
  • Low Phase Noise Reference Frequency Outputs
  • Fault Alarm Output
  • 1U 19" Rack Mount
  • Frequency Synthesizer Option
  • Hitless Switching of Reference
  • Programmable Amplitude
  • Propagation Delay Compensation


The FTSU-100D is Brandywine’s advanced network enabled distribution amplifier. The FTSU-100D will accept 1PPS and a reference frequency such as 10MHz from two sources. A second frequency can be synthesized internally. 8 channels of the reference and synthesized frequency and 1PPS are generated. Input reference failure results in hitless switchover. The output frequencies have programmable amplitude and propagation delay compensation. Available in 1U 19” rack mount this unit has hitless switching and very low phase noise outputs.

The FTSU-100D is a high performance signal distribution amplifier designed for use with Brandywine high precision time and frequency sources. The FTSU-100D is contained in a compact IU rack-mount chassis. The FTSU accepts two sets of inputs, comprising the reference frequency (typically10MHz) , 1PPS, and status from the source. The FTSU provides automatic changeover should one of the on-line source inputs fail. Manual source

select override is available on the front panel, or from the Ethernet interface.

A variety of status indicators are located on the front panel for visual feedback, together with manual controls for source selection The reference frequency outputs are generated from a low phase noise ovenized quartz oscillator (OCXO) that is phase-locked to the reference frequency input. In the event of reference input
failure the phase-locked oscillator will continue to provide referenced frequency outputs with a stability of 3X10
-9 over temperature. Changeover between references is smooth with no glitch on the output.

A 10/100 baseT Ethernet interface provides full control over the functionality of the system, including reference reflection, output amplitude (on a per channel basis), 1PPS propagation delay (on a per channel basis). User control of the unit is via a built-in Web Browser with user-friendly graphical interface, or via SNMP for system applications.


Applications for the FTSU 100D include secure communications systems, satellite ground stations, digital television broadcasting and any system requiring highly reliable frequency, and pulse rate outputs.

Specifications & Detail

Frequency Inputs
Frequency 10MHz, +/- 5PPM
Amplitude & Impedance 0.5-1Vrms. 1Vrms nominal, 50 Ohms
Isolation Transformer coupled
Number of Inputs 2, QMA connectors
Pulse Inputs
1PPS 2
Amplitude 1-6 Vpp
Input Impedance 50Ohms, nominal
Number of Inputs 2
Connector Type QMA
Fault Inputs
Number of Inputs 2
Signal Type TTL
Active Level Link selectalbe for active high or low
Action Forces on-line changeover when active
Reference Frequency Outputs
Frequency Same as Input, 5MHz or 10 MHz
Output Level +8 to +15dBm, short-circuit proof
Number of Outputs 8
Connector Type QMA
Stability, without input 3x10-9, 0 to +60C
Harmonic Distortion -30dBc
Cross Talk -80dBc
Spurious -80dBc
Network Interface
Interface Type 10/100 Base T
Connector RJ45
Console Port
Interface Type RS232
Parameters 115200, N, 8, 1
Connector DB9
Pulse Outputs
Number of Outputs 8
Output Level 0 V to +2.5 V into 50Ohms
0-5 V open circuit
Pulse Width 20 microseconds
Protection Short-ciruit proof
Connector QMA
Propagation Delay Comp. 0-1 sec in 1ns steps
Status Output
Type Dry relay form C contacts
Alarm Function Summary of all input/output alarms (relay)
Individual input and output (Ethernet)

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