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Huntron, Inc.

15720 Main Street, Suite 100
Mill Creek, WA 98012
Toll Free: (800) 426-9265
Phone: (425) 743-3171
Fax: (425) 743-1360

Huntron Instruments introduced the first Huntron Tracker in 1976. Utilizing a method referred to as Analog Signature Analysis, the Huntron Tracker applies a current-limited AC sinewave across two points of an electronic component or circuit. The resulting current/voltage waveform is shown on a signature display using vertical deflection for current and horizontal deflection for voltage. This unique Tracker signature represents the overall health of the part being analyzed. By comparing the signatures of known good circuit boards to those of suspect boards, faulty nets and components can be quickly identified.

The Huntron product line can be divided into two groups: Benchtop Trackers that are typically used in a manual mode with no software control and software controlled Trackers whose primary functions are under the control of the Huntron Workstation software. The optional scanners are a useful switching matrix that allows for cable style interfaces to be connected to the Tracker. These cable interfaces could be DIP Clip cables, custom cables that connect to PCB connectors, or interfaces to a bed of nails. The Huntron Access USB Prober literally automates the probing process allowing for fast and accurate interfacing to points on a circuit card.